Beauty Top 8 Best Curly Wigs/ Wavy Wigs for Short & Long Hair

Top 8 Best Curly Wigs/ Wavy Wigs for Short & Long Hair

We always want what we can’t have, so if you’re someone who was born with fine, straight hair, you’ve probably often longed for a head of thick, curly locks. However, curling your hair can take a lot of time, and thinner, naturally straight hair often does not hold a curl very well. With a curly or wavy wig, you can achieve a full head of textured, curly hair without the effort and frustration of a curling iron. If you’re interested in a curly wig to temporarily transform your hairstyle, keep reading to learn more about the top ten best curly/wavy wigs available.

8. OneDor Fashion Long Hair Natural Curly Wavy Full Head Wig


This gorgeous, voluminous wig gives you a full head of thick, fluffy, textured curls in a beautiful auburn color that transforms you into a natural redhead instantly. The wig is long with a length of twenty-one inches and extends midway down your back when attached.

Crafted from one hundred percent high-quality Japanese Kanekalon synthetic fibers, this wig looks completely natural and feels soft and real when you touch it. It is easily adjustable and centers itself automatically on your scalp to prevent slipping and sliding during wear.

7. Rabbitgoo Short Brown Curly Wave Lace Front Flapper Women Bob Wig


Achieve an adorable short, curly style effortlessly with this wig from Rabbitgoo in a natural dark brown color that features straight, sideswept bangs and beautiful ringlet curls at the ends. It is hand-made using special Japanese techniques and soft, natural-looking synthetic fibers imported from Korea.

The wig is resistant to heat and can be styled using a flat iron or curling iron at temperatures up to three hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit. It is breathable and features a ventilated net cap that is easily adjustable in order to securely and comfortably fit almost any head.

6. MelodySusie Blonde Long Curly Wig



This gorgeous wig features long, blonde tapering curly hair. It is made from top-quality synthetic fibers that are hand-crafted and imported all the way from South Korea. These fibers are heat-friendly, which allows you to style the wig how you want depending on your outfit or daily preferences.

The wig package includes the wig itself as well as a complimentary wig comb and wig cap for easy and secure attachment. This wig has two built-in adjustment straps as well that help you fit the wig specifically to the size and shape of your head without having to use pins or tape.

5. MapofBeauty 32″ Light Purple Long Hair Curly Wavy Wig


Go lavender with this breathtaking long, wavy wig in a stunning lilac hue. The wig is thirty-one inches long and provides you with instant, flawless, cascading waves that extend down past the center of your back.

Made from one hundred percent high-temperature synthetic fibers, the wig is compatible with heated styling tools without sustaining damage. Its size is easily adjustable to ensure a secure fit for any head.

4. DAOTS 32″ Cosplay Wigs Long Hair Heat Resistant Curly Wave Hair for Women



Get captivating, pink curly hair with this long curly wig from DAOTS. With a length of thirty-two inches, the wig cascades in loose ringlets down your back for a gorgeous, colorful look. Made from one hundred percent synthetic fibers, this high-quality wigs looks and feels soft and natural and has a shiny finish that looks like healthy, real hair.

The wig’s included cap is a breathable and ventilated rose net. This net is also adjustable to fit any head’s unique size and shape. Resistant to heat, the wig can be styled using heated styling tools such as your favorite flat iron or curling rod. If you want to change up its style, the wig can also be easily washed using cold water and mild shampoo.

3. YOPO 32″ Wigs Long Curly Wavy Wig


This long, curly wig from YOPO provides you with instant gorgeous, cascading curls in a natural brown color. The heat-resistant one hundred percent synthetic fibers of the wig help it look more natural and feel as soft as real hair as well.

Breathtaking enough to be worn to parties and other special occasions but natural enough to be worn every day, the wig is extremely versatile. It is heat-friendly, durable, long-lasting, and very easy to maintain. Plus, its cap is adjustable in order to securely and comfortably fit your head without a struggle.

2. Rbenxia Curly Cosplay Wig Long Hair Heat Resistant Spiral Costume Wig


This wig from Rbenxia features gorgeous, cascading long curls in an intense, bright purple hue. It is crafted from high-quality, synthetic fibers that are resistant to high temperatures and can be styled using heated tools such as flat irons or curling rods.

You can style this wig any way you want by parting it in many different ways. The wig is also easily adjustable and can be altered effortlessly to fit your head no matter what size or shape it is.

1. MapofBeauty 32″ 80cm Long Hair Spiral Curly Cosplay Costume Wig



Jump on the band wagon for the popular silver hair trend with this gorgeous curly wig.The wig is extremely long with a cascading length of thirty-two inches and features stylish, parted bangs. Crafted from one hundred percent synthetic fibers, this wig looks and feels just like real hair. Although it is pre-styled, the wig can be styled to your preferences using heated styling tools because its fibers are resistant to high temperatures.

You can easily maintain this wig in order to help it retain its original quality for as long as possible. The wig can be cleaned effortlessly using a solution of cold water and mild shampoo.

Styling your hair is a time-consuming hassle. Why force yourself through that chore if you can just attach a wig and get the same results (or better) instantly? Use the list in this post to find out about some of the best curly/wavy wigs on the market and choose one that fits your style preferences.